Birdie Pillow Puff
Birdie Pillow Puff
Birdie Pillow Puff

Birdie Pillow Puff

Okay Shoe
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Lace your arms through your newest pink pal and take them with you whenever you need a squeeze. Pillow puff dreams squish-pillows are meant to be loved up, squished, held to chill out with.

Hand-dyed, hand-sewn pillows are made by Ariel Bader-Shamai from the unique, blobby universe of Okay Shoe. 

*Each pillow is hand made and therefore one of a kind! Expect a unique variation in the pillow you receive. 

The Pink pillows are first dyed in a flower bundle process (picked flowers sprinkled all over the fabric, rolled up and steamed for hours) which gives it the darker splotches. They are then died with cochineal. Cochineal is what produces the overlayer of pink, it is a dye produced from a scale insect indigenous to South and Central America. Cochineal is said to have been used in Mesoamerican cultures as far back as 2000 BCE used in textiles, paints, and medicines. Aztec women would stain their teeth with this as a beauty ritual! There's a really interesting and also colonial history of this dyestuff!  Cochineal can produce a range of hues from deep reds and magentas to lighter shades of pink, as was achieved here.