Hey. We're The Boneyard. We like vintage stuff. And we like you for liking vintage stuff.

The Boneyard's goal is to provide vintage and new curated goods that aren't taken too seriously and are accessible to everyone. Buying dope furniture that is sustainable and aesthetic doesn't have to break the bank. We have searched high and low for affordable vintage to curate our home and it's difficult! We're excited to take on the grunt work for you and provide the funky 70's shop we've always wanted.

It's important to us that the products we carry benefit the people and the world around us. We are particularly passionate about handmade, locally made, women-owned, BIPOC owned, sustainably sourced, or environmentally friendly vintage + vintage inspired digs. 


Nothing technical or mathematical or computerized or taxable or needs a permit or really anything with a deadline that makes the Boneyard able to operate would happen without Conner. He's a top notch record collector, street corn chef, and dog dad. 


Shannon buys the stuffs. Hunts through bins of dirty trash, throws arms at auctions, and waits in sale lines for YOU. This is actually most likely to fulfill a vintage hoarding urge, or the ability to be surrounded by pretty things without the risk of the cat destroying them, or to live out funk night at The Ship-KCMO every day of her life. But at least now it's benefitting cool Tulsans.